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Marcus: "Ravan The fleet is ready. and preparations on the Crimson Star II are complete. It is fully operational, with only the main structure 93% complete, however those sections are blocked off, and secured to make sure no one shall trespass. And we can make jumps."

Ravan: "Good, turn on the Sheild Barrier."

same like had, but generates itself, no endor needed :P its only th ere so when the CSII travels it wont hurt the exterior part of the CSII

*engineers and other computer operators, all activate the shielkd generators, and creating a nearly impenituble force field around the CSII.*

Marcus: "Sheilds online."

Ravan: "Good. Open a channel to the fleet."

*A com's system operator preses afew buttons, and gives Ravan the "thumbs-up"*

Ravan: "The is the Chairman of the Imperial Council on the Crimson Star II. We shall go to the nearest system, and we will take it for the Empire. The more systems we have the better we are off agenst the Republic. We shall not use excessive force needed to take planet, we will just oocupy. If the Republic comes to defend those planets, you shall wiat for them to fire upon you first, then you all may attack full force..."

Navitgator: "Fleet checking in, course ploted."

Ravan: "Close channel."

*Comms operator, closes the Channel.*

Ravan: "Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to test out a new form of transportation, completey made for this project. It allows an entire planet to travel into hyperspace, thus moving it to a better location, By this, we can evetually find and rebuild our empire completey by adding the same form of engine on simular planets. How ever these engines on this Station are still only prototypes of the actual product needed to move real planets, this is just a meare hunk of steel and iron in space covered by a earthly shell, unlike those other ones whom have tectonical plates that shift the planet's crust.The Force Field Generators needed to cover the Cimson Star II, are for the protect of the planet, so it wont get harmed during light flight... Lets see how this baby fies..."

*The crew claps their hands, and Ravan tells the Navitagor to fire up the engines.*

Navitgator: "Peparing thrusters... Opening global flaps"

*Gigantic mechanical flaps around the survice open up, one to every 100th mile. opens up...*

Navigator: "Entending engines...*

*Massive pillars extend out from the wholes in the ground, nearly 250ft in the air...*

Navigator: "Locking engines... Engaging Shields..."

*A loud locking sound is herd by each engine, and a force field is emmited around the structures, protecting anyone from getting harmed...*

Navigator: "All systems green."

Comms: "Fleet standing by..."

Ravan: "Alright, hit it..."

*A strong electical field creating by each pillar like engine, surronds the planet with a force lighting like field as the whole planet stretches when it hits light speed...*

*People planetside, see the light from stars as the global light generaotrs become practically useless. the ground shook. but hardly felt. however it was felt in thecommand centre*

Ravan: "Why are shaking?"

Marcus: "Its natural, besides when the main structure not completed, you'd expect this..."

Ravan: "Alright then, I want a yellow alert, all personal report to stations, Navigation, I want you to jump out of light when things get seriously trouble."

Navigator: "Yes, Commander. I think we can make the kessel run in this in 9 parsects..."

Ravan: "Not bad, not very fast, but she'll get there..." 'I wonder how a normal planet would take it'
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