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I've just completed all the missions with gold today

Escape from Fest (my way):
Go directly to the AT-PTs, taking out the one turret in the direct path. Take some potshots at the stormtroopers and the barracks, but go for the AT-AT immediately. Take it down and speed off to the second AT-AT near the generator. Kill the 2 turrets, take down the AT-AT. Then fly off and kill the third walker, by which time the tanks have popped down. Kill these, the ones closer to the gate first. Fly low and slow, ignore the fact they shoot at you. Once most of them are dead, the TIEs start arriving. In my experience, they first do a bombing run ahead of where the PTs are by that point, so let them do that while you finish off the tanks. Get them when they come back to strafe the PTs properly. Remember to take out the next set of TIEs, and don't get distracted while they come else they murder the PTs. Once the last TIEs have came and been mown down, speed off to the generator and destroy that. Then head to the "secret", which is up on the hill, near where the PTs were to start with. Grab the secret and then head to the research plant and destroy that.
Remember to take out the immediate threats to the PTs at all times and it isn't as hard.

For Moff Seldon's Revenge, the key is to make sure you immediately head left and take out the AT-ST that is standing amongst a herd of civilians. I found the V-wing was the easiest craft to do this level in.

Now my question is how do you get the TIE fighter? It shows up when i pick a mission in the craft you can use bit, but it isn't in the hanger. Also, can someone provide the URL for the Naboo Starfighter patch i would be grateful
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