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Guys: Enough with the stupid bug reports. If you can't win it means you suck or the person you were fighting was really good or you got in the wrong place at the wrong time (between a rocket and a cut-through-anything place). It's probably this **** that sent Art to the E.R.!! Also, I think this is ONLY a bug report thread, and not a suggestion thread, so lets stick to errors within the mod.

Now to the bugs:
- Some times when backslashing in yellow you jump hop forward and hook-slice infront of you. I'm not sure if it's ProMod related or JO related, but it never happened to me before except in Saberist 1.2 where that was intentional
-When I set my game settings from normal to high quality and went to deathstar, certain places were rainbow colored, and as I moved they fluxed. I'm not sure if this was in the game to begin with because I never used high quality before ProMod 3.0 (since it requires high inorder to see saber colors smooth)

- I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I walk in any direction with saber in hand, the CSC increases both attack and defense, more so than they do when running.. is this suppost to happen?

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