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Originally posted by Moradivh
This is a bug for gunners I've noticed while spectating. I'm not sure how or why this happens, but sometimes when your weapon's been pulled several times consecutively the brayar sometimes refuses to appear. I assume the brayar can't be pulled, right?

Idunno, something makes me recall this being an issue much earlier in promod's development... or maybe it's a 1.04 bug... or maybe someone already posted this a day ago... ANYWAYS, the bug can really screw over gunners. If you've never heard of it then I'll do more research and find out exactly when it happens.
I think I've figured this one out. If your gun just got pulled and you're still holding the fire button a new weapon won't appear. For me, I'd get my gun pulled and would immediately hold secondary fire to charge up a bryar but instead no gun would appear. As soon as I let go of the button the weapon would appear.
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