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Monkey Quake: THE RETURN

After a relatively successful first attempt (despite the lag!), we'll be repeating the exercise. Same game (QuakeWorld), same crazy Monkey Island maps (one of which "sucks" apparently), same stupid Guybrush skins. See the other thread for more details, loves, since we're like, doing the same again. It's like, a bummer (if you hated it the first time).

The match will be on Sunday 15th December (that's next Sunday) at 8pm GMT (that's 3pm EST, yanks). Same server,, though it may or may not be unavailable until soon before the game begins. If you're dazed and confused, come to #Monkey-Island (on GamesNet now, remember) and ask for The Huz, or more likely Mort-Hog (the secret of good management is delegation!), who will deal out a customary mocking and then help you, probably. This is also where we'll meet before and after the game to diss each other for failing to plan ahead and asking each other how rcon works anyway and admitting we don't know and never have known, then saying how the game went relatively well, "considering". It'll be great. Come along.

Another thing! So much nonsense to read! You're advised to actually DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL the maps we'll be playing (mojo3 and db2001). They will be downloaded automatically from the server if you're too lazy/stupid to install them yourself, but the process will be so slow you'll wish for death.

See you there then. (Or die!)

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