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Originally posted by Moradivh
Bad news. Nutritious (with me spectating) just discovered a very serious bug. And it may not be possible to fix.

BUG: the jetpack's performance is directly affected by the player's framerate (FPS).

Nutri tested this out. While facing a blank wall at the edge of the map, he's able to fly to the normal fantastic heights. But if he's looking out at a view of a player-filled map, his framerate drops drastically, and his jets can barely get him off the ground. We're talking less than 10 feet here. It's enough for most evasion tactics, which is why gunners can dominate in ffa despite the bug, but it can cripple them in certain situations, especially for players with lower-end machines I imagine.

The framerate doesn't even need to be that low for the bug to severely hamper the jetpack's flying (EDIT: Nutri confirmed that the jetpack's basically useless below 23 FPS). I expect Nutritious has a decent machine considering how flawless his aim is, and he still couldn't get 10 feet off the ground while looking out over some of the larger landscapes on ns_streets and yavin. But if you want exact statistics I'm sure Nutri can provide them.

This is probably the same bug that was originally attributed to lag, causing the jetpack to malfunction. And this may partially explain how some players dominate so completely as a gunner, while others can't (though I still attribute most of this to differences in skill).

I'm sure we don't want to punish jetpackers with older computers, or force them away from crowded games. But sadly, this doesn't sound like an easy bug to fix. I'm not an expert, but it seems like it'd be a flaw in the game engine or something.

Nutritious has found ways around the bug. By looking directly up or down (at the floor or the sky) he can quickly improve his framerate and reach top jetpack heights no matter how big or crowded the map is. But considering how much he loves to snipe people while in mid-flight, this is a serious handicap... and people will undoubtedly fall off alot of cliffs and land in the wrong places if they can't look where they're going.

Anyways, I'm real sorry Art. I pray you can fix it, but it doesn't sound easy.

Yeah, this does sound like a sticky wicket. I've got some ideas on what I can mess around with to start testing though. The difficulty is resolving the client side prediction code with that of the server's master record of everything's movement and position. I think this is going to turn out to be a client-side only problem. Which should make it easier to fix.

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