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Any good servers out there?

I'm Emma and I've just started to play Online.
I'm a bit confused, though... Just 10 minutes ago I was looking for a good server, and where ever I went, people started to ask me if "was a babe" and/or if I was single. Some people have also said some nasty things...
Is it always like this? Just because I'm a girl I need to accept this kind of behaviour?

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone happens to know about a good server with *friendly* people? Preferably a "stabil" server so you can come back to meet people you've played with before.
I'm only playing FFA at the moment, and I'm playing with the nick "Emma". Maybe you've even seen me somewhere?

Anyways, if someone knows about a good FFA server, please tell me and I'll get in there as soon as possible.
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