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there is a really good server.. actually mine.. you will occassionally get a immature person there or ppl that will attack with saber down or type kill, but they are quickly kicked or banned. The regular people on my server are always there, they play usually between 3-6 hours at a time and dont leave until they start to fall asleep at the keyboard. LAG times are pretty low, between 45-120 depening on your location. if we get the occassional 600 pinger they are kicked to maintain the low ping rates to make game play better.

The only draw back to my server is that there is one difference. My server is between 2-4 times the normal damage through saber. I do this because it makes it more difficult and you need to learn how to stay out of the way of an attacking saber. Makes it more challenging. I usually use the bespin platform map. But you are more than welcome to stop my..

Name if the server is: EmporerCrackHead's Server
My Player Name is {BOSS}
The server is usually on 24 hours but i lost power last night, and it did not come back on till this morning, so it will be on as soon as i get home from work which is 9:00pm EST. Hope to see ya soon.

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