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Tyr: Allow me to explain. When we appeared over Coruscant, we only wanted to rescue Lord Odin. It was believed then that threatening the destruction of the galaxy would get his release. The threat failed and Lord Odin was killed. The death of Odin doomed the galaxy, to a terrible fate. We could do nothing to stop it. It was then decided if we couldn't stop people from dieing we would not allow them to suffer. Hence we destroyed the most populated and important world, inculding our own worlds.

The people we killed died in an instance, not knowing what happened and not feeling any pain. THe worlds we didn't attack we hoped would be small enough to be overlooked by Fenrir and the remaining Jotuns. However, we now know that Fenrir will not overlook any world.

Vidar: We never wanted to do what we did. We had really no choice. Either way the galaxy would be destroyed so we prevanted as much suffering as we could.

Idun: In twenty-two years Fenrir will complete the destruction of this galaxy. There is nothing we can do to stop Fenrir. However, there is a way to stop Odin's death and the holocaust from occuring. That is why you are here.

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