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*Irvine onboard the Pheonix's lounge, begins to train himself by attempting to move old fasioned chess pieces, one at a time...*

Irvine thinking to himself: 'I herd that this wasn't easy...'

*A pawn shakes, but not lifts, Irvine struggles a little...*

Irvine: 'NO! I herd I'm not to supposed to find it quick... Clam down...' *sigh*

*The pawn slides over a square, but to lifting up too much...*

'a little better... stay calm...'

*Irvine moves the opposite side's pawn forward, thus time easier.*

*Irvine completes 3 chess games agenst himself, eventually being able to move each piece w/o much physical
need for fingers nor stuggling not a slightest bit. And gettign faster as well... Irvine smiles...*
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