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You know what you could do with this map.... you could make it into a massive single player map...

okay here goes.. this is how i imagined it to go would require making rooms for all doors and more parts to the level like all the massive unopend doors on it

Your Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit)
- Start by your X wing with a DL-44 (Hans Blaster - Made by Major Clod) and Lightsaber / Force powers: Level 2 Jump, Level 2 Push/Pull , level 1 mind trick , level 1 heal, level 1 speed,

- Make your way through the double doors that are in front of you.. kill the officer there and make your way accross to the elevator.. go down elevator to open area. through double doors that you face and turn on an elevator swith that allows the small elevators to turn on....

- Stormtroopers rush in. you kill them and head back out to the small elevators. use key on elevator (in game cutscene, leia surronded by stormtroopers screaming its a trap like in the movie)

- Work round to elevator that takes you to the carbon chanmber (Another cinematic of the vader scene where they ignite there lightsabers in front of each other) in the film vader uses hardly any force so he should have hardly any powers to use on you.. but make him super kill him here ( cinematic of him falling off the side)

- making your way up to the part where vader throws all that stuff at you..(either do this part as a cinematic or try to block most all the things vader throws at you and then do a cinematic of luke flying out the window) ..

- you fight vader to the bridge and kill him ( cinematic of you getting hand cut off) then like in LDJ's map you control where you fall n sutff... ) end level as you fall out of the bottom

well.. hope that inspired somone to do this hahaha.. thanks

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