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The reason I didn't spam on a busy forum, is the fact of flaming, I hate flaming.

and as to stoop so low, I dont see what I did as horrible. I dont care what my post count is, I just felt like having the custom Title, I didn't spam by insulting someones work, policy, or opinion....I just posted...well...stupid **** that I didn't think anyone would read, its like Big Brother...when you dont know anyone is watching then you tend to do something that you dont want when I sing in my car( we wnt go into that) much like those posts basically I dont have time to post all the time because of my busy schedule at work and school, I thought I'd up the count a little here,

but anyway I said I was sorry ( dont apologies work anymore?) and if sorry isn't good enough then I just wont write here anymore, best way to avoid conflict is to walk away right?

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