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Darth Scythe Bio

Name: Deacon Scythe

Aliases: Darth Scythe

Age: Nineteen.

Secies: Zabrak

Affilation: The Dark Side.

Sex: Male

Weapon: Duel Purple Bladed LightSaber, which was forged by himslef. The hilt of the lightsaber is fully black very sleek in the look and feel, with two yellow activation studs.

Equipment: Five star pointed thermal detonators, once thrown the star will release a barrage of energy and heat once it has hit an object. Personal forearm shield generator, located on left wrist extending to forearm when turned on a oval enegry shield emmits able to block pulse blasts, small bombs and deflect lightsaber blades.

Abilities: Very Stealthy able to watch and slip into area's unnoticed. Acute senses are comparable to those of certain animals, Can track a person(s) by smell alone. His hyper-keen senses include, smell, vision, hearing. This is due to his connection with the force. Great Instincts and Agility aslo apply.

Extent of education: Sith Apprentice, still studing the Dark Side.

Personality: Dedicated, Loyal, Focused and Singleminded. At times has been refurted to as a psychotic murder

Physical Description: Humanoid, patterns of three vestigial horns across forehead.Stands at 6'1", medium build, Eyes are yellow on black. Whites of a normal common eye, his are bright yellow and his Iris are black. Dark brownish hair reaching down to shoulders, Mostly worn in a tight pulled back pony-tail style. Skin tone is a lightly tan olive. Generally dresses in a full black kimono style garb, with a black hooded cloak, the inner linning of the cloak is a bright yellow color. Also, like others of the Zabrak species, He has facial tatooing, A single long sharp tribal marking down the entire left side of his face, reaching from the tip of the brow to the chin.

Born the first and only son of two Force users, He was raised with love, His mother Curare' and his father Dua'sun bolth after having their son chose to get simpler lifes as farmers and mechanics on the planet Myrkr, located in the borders of the Old Republic also steadfastly avoided by the likes of Jedi and Sith. Deacon himself seemed also like his mother and father to be Force-sensitive at a very young age. But sure enough his mother and father where able to show deacon to control theses feelings and to hide them deep within himself. For the reasons that they felt deacon didnt need to know the ways of the Force, and the planet Myrkr witch they had made there home planet had natural predators that roam the forests and exhibit a predisposition to attack anything force-senstive.

Growing up Deacon became able to control his feelings towards the Force never spending time to think about it just tucking it deep away. At the age of nineteen deacon put togher his own ship from destroyed parts of other ships and set out on his own. apon leaving his home his father gave to him his own personal lightsaber the weapon of the Jedi, Deacon took it as a way to stay close to his father neven intending to use it or learn how. His mother or father never told deacon about the powers of the force light or dark, hoping he would stay clear of the force altoghter. but the force's call can be loud and powerful. On the side he became a exceptionnal pilot and got work as a smuggler for the huts to make money. Till one day he came across a strange feeling a figure appered in an all black cloak, Deacon felt the feelings tucked deep inside himself screeming to comeout in one burst, The figure spoke in a deep tone telling deacon that holding in all the feelings of the force called him to teach deacon the ways of the Force. The figure turned out to be a great and powerful sith lord looking for a young and powerful student he saw great power within deacon. Through the power of mindbending the Sith Lord warped deacons mind filling it with the wisdom of the darkside and in a burst of fear and hate all the feelings within bursted out giving deacon a great sence of the darkside, grasping his fathers once jedi used saber he began a mindless rampage from planet to planet building on his skill, forging the double bladed saber and growing even more with his skill, The same Sith Lord that warped him still teaches him the ways of the darkside to this very day.

Take me to your leader.
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