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Heimdall: There is nothing we can do. We hand a large number of our best warriors guarding Fenrir. When he broke free, he was in a weakened state yet still managed to kill everyone there.

Tyr: We were only able to bind Fenrir the first time through trickery. We challenged him to a test of his strength, and he agreed. Then we bound him with increasingly large chains and still he broke them as if they were nothing. Finally we created a new chain. The Strongest ever made, and it would become stronger the more he struggled. Fenrir doubted his ability to break it but his ego was to large and agreed, but only if I put my hand in his mouth. We then bound him and he struggled and couldn't break the chain. In his anger he bit off my hand. He won't fall for the same trick again. One thing dominates his mind, and that is destruction.

Until you see for yourself this monster then you will not truely understand that there is nothing we can do.

*They didn't say that the eye of Odin would give Vidar enough power to take on Fenrir*

Idun: That is why you are here like we said there is a way to reverse all that has happened.

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