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This unit in the topic is the unmatched best foot unit. Only units that can give it problems in a one on one is Wook Bersk, and Naboo Crusad. (tested units out in editer) Jedi master's also give it problems....but they are a more speacilized foot unit. This foot unit is also one of very few that takes 2-3 hits from AC to take down.

I usealy play TF but can do nicely with all. The mixup I bring out with TF stands as:

5-15 HDDs, 4-6 MDs, 2-3 AMs, 2-3 AC (frontal path sweeping), 2-4 cannons (anti-fortress), 10-20 adv fighters (mostly AC intercept), 5 adv bombers. Throw in 5-10 AAMs if Repub, Rebal, Naboo air are involved. Most expensive part here is the resreaching like usealy and the AC's.

I just wish DD's did not have to roll with any moveing they do. Would be nice if they could do small steps with their tripod legs. Also fired alternating arms not both at once.
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