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Originally posted by ksk h2o
hope I'm not boring you do death with these posts but here's another thing:

I dont know if its just me but red stance seems to kill before the saber connects. At first I thought it was due to lag, but then I noticed this particular swing kill bots on my local game before it connected as well... I gues it could be the local machines "hiccup time" but I'm not sure.

The swing I'm talking about is a read sidw swipe that starts near the head level of the swinging jedi and swipes wide and high. I've dropped dead when the saber is next to the swingers ears, before swinging to me and saw bots die in front of me before I swung at them as well.

I don's see what could have caused this and it's not like it is a huge problem, only happens ever so often. I'm thinking the ones I encoutered online should be due to lag, but why do I have it happen on the local machine? I remember my saber offence variables were tweaked with back in 1.04 and the blocking was nerfed, in order to give a little spice to the 1.04 running on my server. I think I never changed these values back to default, so maybe they are causing a similar problem on my local machine.

Anyways just thought I'd mention it, maybe others know what I'm talking about, maybe I'm alone on this one. And as I said, its quite rare so doesn't affect gameplay that much.

My guess is that it has something to do with how close you are to your target. the saber bounding box is a big rectangle that's significantly larger than the saber blade itself. This was done for a number of reasons; I won't go into them. Try standing at the longest reach of your saber and see if you can reproduce that. I'd say you probably wouldn't be able to, but when you get really close you'll start seeing it happen more often.

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