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Guy: A way to reverse all that has happened? What way?

Marin: I think I know. I've been thinking about those prophecies-

"Death of stars shall reveal
One tool that alone
Can destroy destiny or set it right

-That probably refers to whatever we need to find, and plenty of stars have obviously 'died'-

"To find, seek:
Ten keys
Seven gates
Fire, Eye, and Ice
" -

-That key we had must belong to a set of ten. The prophecy then talks about seven gates, and fire, eye, and ice - maybe the ten keys unlock those seven gates and three objects-

"Quest must be undertaken,
By the progeny of the dead, and their friends
If not, all will come to a terrible end

-'Progeny of the dead and their friends' probably means us. We're supposed to undertake a 'quest', probably to find the objects from the other prophecy.

"Wake the Wolf unlocked from its tomb"

-Maybe Fenrir's "tomb" is the starting point to the 'quest'?-

"All the legions of Asgard cannot twist time, but a silver ball will."

Aidan, where else have we heard of a 'silver ball' that can 'twist time'?

Guy: *cuts in* The Time Matrix? A time-traveling device created by some legendary beings called the Ellimists? But that was just a story...the Ellimists never existed, and no one ever found a 'Time Matrix'...

Aidan: *eyes widen in realization* The story of the Time Matrix...but that's all it is. A story. And it's a story from our dimension. Not here.

Marin: I have a feeling it's more than just a story.

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