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i just had an idea for the Fire and Ice

*Irvine on syrnl's ship, practices the use of a lightsaber with the 'floating ball'. i really dont know that name to that thing :P A person with simular features as Irvine, but with red hair sits in a bar on Coruscant...*

*??? takes a sip of his drink...*

Bartender: "Say, you know who you look like?"

???: "No, but your welcome to tell me..."

*Takes another sip...*

Bartender: "You almost look like that damned Emperior. You know before the, whole galaxy, and..."

???: "He was a misunderstood person..."

*Yet another sip...*

Bartender: "I doubt that..."

???: "He misunderstood himself..." *Sips*"...instead like some Jedi, he found the easy way, too easily..."

*Finishes the drink...*

Bartender: "So how bout you?"

*??? throws down some cash*

???: "I found some easy ways. How ever I know that most meaningful goals aren't easy to complete. So I took some hard ways... Later..."
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