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Name: Lady Galadriel
Species: Human
Age: 22
Appearance: 5' 11" tall, slender build, light blue eyes, fair complected, long blonde hair usually worn in a ponytail.
Weapons: Blastech pistol, throwing knives
Force abliltities: None
Special skills: Very intelligent, with particular skill in the areas of sabotage and assassination. Took part in competitive gymnastics from a young age.

Bio: Born on Lorien, a small planet on the outer rim, Galadriel was never exceptionally close to her family. Her father Amleth was a freighter pilot who spent most of his time either working, drinking, sleeping, cheating on his wife or some unsavoury combination of the four. When Galadriel was 5, her mother left after a row fuelled by Corellian whisky and frayed tempers, leaving Amleth to bring up Galadriel alone. Needless to say, he didn't do an exceptionally good job and his daughter's future looked bleak until she was selected to attend an elite private school following a series of outstanding performances in routine exams. Away from the negative influence of her delinquent father, Galadriel flourished and was selected for the highly competitive leadership development programme.

However, despite her success, Galadriel was not satisfied. She disagreed with the policies of the current planetary government and formed an underground resistance group. She later led an attack that resulted in the assassination of the governor and the whole government being overthrown. Insane with power, Galadriel took the governor's place and assumed the title of Lady Governess, with a leadership style that would make Emperor Palpatine proud.

Much that once was is lost,
For none now live who remember it.
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