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Irvine extingishing the lightsaber: "Well, i did play 3 games agenst myself... How ever why try big, when control with small has to be ackplomished first..."

*Irvine extends his arm towards the chess board, and then extends only two fingers. Rvine consentrates on the board, and the board lifts up a little, Irvine moves his arm and the board follows, and Irvine sets the boad down on a diferent table...*


*??? walks about the city, looking around... noticing homeless and small riots...*

???: "I admit this planet was crud to begin with, but now its really turning to crap..."

*A policemen approches from behind and raises a blaster to the unknown persons head... ??? just simply pulls out his lightsabe rand spins around fast while slicing the barrel... green crystal

Policeman: "Oh. a Jedi! Sorry, we need your help..." *looks around* "theres only one of ya..."

???: "No need..."

*??? waves his hand and the riots stop instantly...*

???: "You will return everything you stole..."

Rioters: "We will return everything we stole..."

???: "You will appologise to whom ever you had harmed, and stole from..."

Rioters: "We will appologise to whom ever we harmed, and stole from..."

*The roiters break up returning everything they stole...*

Policeman: "Wow, I herd of Jedi doing mind tricks on someone, but this is a lot of people!"

???: "I know..." *Waves hand* "...and your not going to remember it..."

Policeman: "Im not going to remember it..." *Policeman looks blankly then says:* "Remember what?"

??? while walking away: "Exactly..." 'must not let my appearence here become noticed...'
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