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Well, I got good news and bad news.

Good News:
I'm confident that the team will have Release 1 ready and out the door by Xmas. Probably before the end of the week.

Bad News:
I screwed up the code, BAD. I've got at least 1 really weird cvar crash bug and the bot animations are screwing up.

Good News:
In progress of screwing up the code, I figured out how to get Dodge Attack to work. For those who don't know what Dodge Attack is, it's the ability to be able to fire your weapons while dodging. It's complicated to get working because I'm dealing with animations/code that were never meant to be used this way. The biggie is making it look good. Fortunately, when me and ACDCFanBill tested the prototype it worked/looked great, so that's not a issue. I was planning to release some screenies but the code got screwed up before I could get the shots. :P

Bad News:
I gotta rewrite the Dodge Attack code.

Good News:
I backed up the code right before I started to mess with the Dodge Attack concept so no good code was lost. (in fact, I didn't 'loss' any code, including the broken stuff. I just have to go back to the latest backup and start from there to insure that I get the stuff to work without bugs.) I should be able to get it working again tomorrow and will hopefully prevent the serious bugs that were plaguing me.

Bad News:
My internet connection sucks.

Good News:
That means that there's a big opportunity for people to betatest for the mod. Just contact me and I'll provide you with some contact information. Using that info, contact me in "person" so I can get you set up and ready to beta test. The only requirements are you've gotta be able to keep all team info/files secret, betatest only with bots or other team members, stay in contact with me, and follow instructions well. This is serious betatesting so we're not exactly just playing the mod. The testing needs change minute to minute while I code, so it's critical that you can communicate with me while I'm awake/coding on the #motf IRC channel. I reserve the right to send you packing if I don't like you or you give me crap. Also, this isn't a free way to get the mod. I do keep track of who gets what so I CAN track you down and bust your ass if you try to leak the mod to the public.

Bad News:
This mod's going to be a bandwidth hog.

Good News:
It's only as bad as JK2 is normally. Dodge is damaged based so it can't be predicted by the clients. Wether it's frame skippy or not directly depends on your connection. Dodge happens very quickly and if you blink/lag, you'll often miss it.

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