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^ oh yes I forgot;
thank you for knowing that
Mike Myers is like so 'Unfunny'
that it is not funny.
he was funny as a parody of
charles grey and telly savolas
from the original bond flicks
but his austin powers was
(A) very annoying
and (B) worse totally unoriginal
and a rip off of Frankie Avalon.
Myers always talks in interviews
about how much his folks were into
60's stuff, well buy or rent the dvd
or video of one of the old
beach blanket bingo movies;
the one with the english drag racer
'the Bug' played by frankie avalon
as a double role he played himself,
frankie and the bug. the bug wore
the same glasses as Austin had the same
laugh attitude movement, language style.
I mean a parody of the bond villian
was funny. co-opting someones gig
alah elvira doing vampirella
is just sad. and then in the second
powers he made doctor evil turn into
another austin which killed the genius
of the original; and fat bastard
was not funny at all. (shrek worked)
fat bastard no.



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