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Name: Jeck Daggins (The Carbon Sleeper)
Species: Human
Age: 32
Appearance: 5'11"; Brown Eyes, Brown curly hair, medium build, grey coveralls, and in need of a shave.
Weapons: One old, used Blastech DL-33.
Force Sensitive: No.
Skills: decent freighter pilot; nothing fancy.
BIO: Was a freelance freighter pilot (always legal) who lived on his ship with his wife and two year old son. One day, on a standard run, his ship was attacked by pirates. In a panic, he ran to hide and fell in a portable carbon freeze chamber he was hauling and everything went black.
Jeck's ship was found by a luxery liner, and he was thawed from the freeze to find that his ship had been completely stripped and was dead in space. His beautiful wife and child had also been murdered by the pirates.
Jeck now lives one day at a time, taking any job he can, for anything, not caring if it's legal or deadly. He's lost all will to care, and has but one desire: To find the pirates that ruined his life. Of course, it's a huge galaxy, and one pirate ship can seem very small.....

"The Sith always tell the truth. The Jedi lie on every convenience. Odd."
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