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Aidan: *mutters* Convenient. *louder* So I don't suppose we have a choice, do we? We either find the Time Matrix for you, or never leave here alive. I don't expect you'd let us go with what we know, if we refused.

Guy: Don't be a fool. Didn't you hear them? This Fenrir will destroy the galaxy if he isn't stopped.

Aidan: I'm surprised you buy this, Shadow. You don't look like one of the stupider ones. Besides, what do you care? You're in this galaxy for no other purpose than to loot it. You, like the others, are nothing more than a pirate and a thief.

Guy: *stands up angrily* I'm more than that!

Aidan: Yes, you're more than that. You're a murderer, a kidnapper, a slaver, a coward, a rakae, scum.

Guy: If you had been born into the life I have had you would understand!

Aidan: Understand? What is there to understand?

Marin: Please! This is not going to get us anywhere.

Raschel: I can't believe this. I'm on an invisible planet populated by the people who just blew up half the stars in the galaxy, sitting with a bunch of other misfits planning to find a time machine and stop the end of the universe. I must be going insane.

*Misae still says nothing*

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