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Angry Gray/White Glitches In JediPlus - Help Pls!!!

When I play servers running the multitude of JediPlus mods, it seems some animations are missing or something.

Sabers look like gray boxes rising like escalator steps.

Cannot see stance, force or health.

Cannot read chat or anything in the console. A yellow WARNING: POLYCOUNT ERROR scrolls over and over and over, can't read anything else.

When loading a map, a gray bar fills w/ white at the bottom of the page and the brightness increases.

When I leave a JediPlus server, my game screen stays all white w/ only SOME coloured text readable. I have to exit the game and re-start it for it all to go away.

I really hate those JediPlus mods. I've never had such hell from a mod as these - why are there so many? That's ridiculous, IMO.

Anyone have these problems? Anyone know how to fix them? All help appreciated.


P.S. - Vulcanus Admin Mod 2.2, for me, doesn't let me see my force or change stances... What's w/ these mods?!
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