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Originally posted by dimidimidimi
You can see that your artist has had influences from Bill Tiler. I wish you the best of luck with your game and can't wait to finally play it. Point and click adventures are alive and ....clicking
Yeah, Tero Pasanen has been given a lot of tips from Bill Tiller according to the style. Maybe it's coming from there? Also, it spells with two l's

We don't want Bill to get mad at us, would we?

Thanks for the "good luck", and I can't wait either!
(That's the one problem I do have!)

Well, we're still kicking

Originally posted by Erwin_Br
It's Tiller. Not Tiler

Point and click will never truly die as long as there is an audience for it and a (amateur/independent) developer willing to target that audience.

Wasn't Tiler a band or something?

Well, there will always be an audience for point & click, and there will always be some developer to target it as well.

Just look at the previous P&C games... Tony Tough.... (and some more, which I don't remember).

Ooooh. Erwin.... Why don't you tell us what you think of the image?

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