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*Odin looks at each one, finally upon Svafa.*

Odin: Svafa you done a commendable job. Thank you for escorting our guest here. We will talk later on. Until then you are dismissed.

Svafa: Yes my Lord.

*She stands, and exits the chambers, unable to hide the smile on her face caused by Odin's compliment. Silence once again enters the room*

Odin: My Valkyr was right, Deac you seem to make to many assumptions. First you assumed that you were being brought to my world. Second you assumed that we didn't care about the galaxy.

In both cases you are wrong. Svafa brought you to a spot in space that was empty. There the Alaisiagae docked with this ship, and once again we entered hyperspace. Heading to Coruscant. Finally the only reason we stepped in is because we feel that this threat warrants closer examination and possible intervention.

*Odin then looks at Rwos and Ida*

I am displeased with the Blades, two major dimensional cross overs, each relativly hostile.

*Odin stops and Vidar speaks*

Vidar: You recently encountered one Sejiko Darkholme. He is actually Farran Darkholme, in a manner of speaking. If you find one you will find the other.

*Odin finally places his gaze on Irvine*

Odin: And you, the sons of Cracken. You hate your father with out knowing why he left you. You seek to use a Super Weapon against your enemies. You wish to gain help, but have not earned it.

Freya: There is no honor if you only do acts if you feel you are being watched. To demonstrate honor, you must act honorable all the time, even when you think no one is watching you. If you do not know how to act honorable then you have no honor.

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