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The Lost Welshman

No body knows from what planet The Lost Welshman comes from, not even himself. His father was a proud Jedi Master, who trained The Lost Welshman, known then as Alex. Alex became a strong willed Jedi, with expert saber skills. He constructed a black saber, it was his favorite colour. At the age of 15, Alex's father was attacked by bounty hunters, who failed miserably. Then A Dark Jedi steped out of the shadows and ignited both of his sabers. With one blur Alex's father was dead. Alex pushed out his hand and the Dark Jedi was thrown into a wall, dropping a saber.
Alex picked up the saber and sliced the jedi across his neck. After hours of meditation ALex only wanted revenge, he set out to a Sith Temple, a training academy.
More years passed, now The Lost Welshman is a very powerful Sith, he carries two sabers, a red and a black. No other members of the academy could match his saber skills, except one. The opponents name was forgotten in time, he knocked the saber out of The Welshmans hand but was soon destroyed from a yellow blast then disintegrated him, from the lost welshman.
Jedi and Sith alike now treat him as insignificant due to his angelic, pale face, with his scruffy dark brown hair. He looks most intimidating when in his black cloak, and in the shadows. Some say he can be turned to the light side. Some say there is no hope when he wants you dead.

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