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100 workers!

Agree! in a 250 pop limit multiplayer game it is essential to have about 100 of your pop as workers. this many workers are needed to feed thousands of each res to your army of 150 or so. this amount of workers is the only way you will be able to wield a massive army and keep it reinforced in a pop 250 game. Its tricky for most to be able to balance the right amount of workers with the right amount of army. Its useless to have like 15,000 each of food and wood etc. when your troops are out numbered and getting kicked around. On the other side of coin, its also ridiculous to have an army of 200 with only like 300 of food and wood in your stockpile the whole time lol. Its been tried, tested and you can count on around 80-100 workers to be ample and sufficient for a pop of 200-250.
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