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Rwos: Odin, you know about the crossovers?

Ida: *startled* Rwos, this consitutes a bad security breach. What have you been---

Rwos: I haven't been. I didn't know the Aesir had the ability to detect transdimensional crossover energy.

Ida: What do they know about the Blades?

Rwos: Obviously more than I told them. *looks back at Odin*

Judging from his comment, Odin still knows relatively little about the Blades...but the Aesir's intelligence web must spread even farther than I thought for him to know what he seems to know...


Farran: I knew you'd see reason. First I'd like to ask you something. *holds up the disk Kioet had brought to the Council chambers* I took this from the Vanguard. It has your DNA signature on it. I haven't viewed it yet. Would you like to tell me what it is?

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