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Hello again Igor...
Sorry to ruin the happiness, but I showed Bill Tiller the image... (I hope you didn't mind... Don't be mad at me!)

Here's what he said (There's some very critic points, so don't say that I haven't warned you...):
- oh i like it
- it looks more like warner bros except brighter colors
- it is a bit too clean
- I'd like to see some texture or noise added to it. if that isn't there it looks too computer illustrated
- when one paints on paper the paper gives it a grain and the paint does too
- if you just do fill in photoshop it looks to weird too articficial
- he just need to add a subtle patterm, grain or noise to the image and I think it would look even better
- scale is bit off on the manniquin in the window. i would suggest he make the window bigger so that the manaquin looks almost as big as the man
- I thought it was a photo not a window.
- also his character is too dull. he might explore making him bright and the background more muted, rather then they way it is now
- the details in his face blend in too much with his skin color
- it gets lost
- I would increase the contrast on his face more, possibly darken the outline or lighten up his skin color

- this is an example of some inking colors that make the facial features clear
- his style looks a bit like john krisfaluci
- the ren and stimpy animator who now does the ripping friends

Oh.... I still love it, Igor!
Really amazing!

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