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Erwin- yes, they are antialiased

Jannar: first, thanks for showing it to Tiller. Ok, must confess that intro is already mostly finished and it would be too time consuming to go back and change some things, but thanks anyway

Now to write something in my "defense" :
as i said- this is not a scene from a game, it's AVI animation... the whole scene from screenshot is on for 5 seconds and is fully animated, so i found out that additional details on bg would be unnecessary.

Also, that's why the clean look- AVI compression adds too much noise already and most of the details are getting lost anyway (not to say gradients don't look so clean anymore).

Backgrounds for in-game locations are of course more detailed (the ones for cut-scenes/intro were colored entirely in Flash, to avoid Flash's problems that appear with bitmap pictures when you move the camera or zoom).

Agree about outline on character. I intentionaly made lines and coloring more "neutral", but i guess a bit darker lines and brighter coloring would really make his face easier to read.

Anyway, as i said, you need to see it in motion for real effect

Oh, and i'd like to say big thanks to Bill Tiller for taking his time to write down those great suggestions. I'm one of his BIG fans! -home of Ignac

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