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OK, Here's mine:

Name: JoKen
Age: 38
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tatooine
Profession: Smuggler
Affliction: Rebel Allaince
Appearance 6'4" Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Scar on Neck
Equipment: Two modified handhed blasters, one modified blaster rifle, Mandoloranian Armor (used very rarely)
Bio: JoKen is an excellent pilot. He currently smuggles supplies to the Rebellion. All other members of his family were Jedi, but all but his brother Casco were killed when the Empire rose and destroyed the Jedi. Born on Tatooine, he is not force sensitive like his family. Because of this, he never really connected with his family much. He stayed on Tatooine until the Empire rose and took Coruscant. He rushed there only to find his family at the hands the Empire. Only his brother survived, and he was captured. JoKen sneaked into the prison and rescued his brother and hnis brother's master Konko. He escaped Coruscant with his brother, and returned to Tatooine. He now hates the Empire and will do anything to stop it. Soon after his escape from Coruscant he was attacked by a bounty hunter. During the fight, he was slammed into a wall and his neck was badly cut. He killed the bounty hunter and healded his neck with bacta, and then went into hiding. He currently owns three vessels: the Corellian Star (YT-2400), the Star Runner (YT-2000), and the Corellian Sun (YT-1300).

JoKen Jash,
Member of the elite Pheonix Squadron.
  • Artisan (4,4,3,3)
  • Marksman (3,4,1,4)
  • Novice Architect
  • Brawler (3,0,0,0)
  • Alliance Pilot (3,3,3,3)

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