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Farran: You don't have to, if you only want to operate it. However, if you wish to operate the suit at full potential, you'll need a few medical treatments to affect changes necessary to fully sync with the suit. Temporary changes, of course, but they might be slightly painful.

*looks down at Kioet's suit readouts on a terminal screen in front of him* Amazing...his sync ratio is fluctuating between about 20% and 40%...I didn't think that was possible for an ordinary unaltered being... *studies the recordings* Not only that, it's never gone below 5% more than once...

*Farran picks up a comlink* Artemis? Artemis, get in here. You need to see this.

Yes, this creature could be very, very useful...

*speaks in a lowered voice* I certainly can't make the mistake of underestimating you again, Kioet Csuhen.

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