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*Farran sends Kioet a set of coordinates to go to and terminates the conversation as Artermis Omicron enters*

Farran: Remember that Trandoshan who stole a suit a few days ago? The one with information on that Irvine character?

Artemis: Yes, of course.

Farran: When he returned here I took the liberty of leaving a suit where he would find it. I correctly predicted he'd put it on without a second thought, but I misread why he would do it - not because he's stupid, because he didn't care. I think now my threats of shutting the suit down and keeping him prisoner if he didn't cooperate were unnecessary. I've taken the further liberty of fully recruiting him---

Artemis: What? Why---

Farran: His psychological makeup could make the perfect tool for our needs. He actually seemed glad to cooperate, even when I made it clear I could turn his suit into a cage any time I wished...not quite the impotent prideful rage I expected. He has a unique psychological makeup...

Artems: You trust him on the basis of unique, and likely unpredictable psychological makeup?

Farran: *raises hand* Don't worry. That isn't the only reason I'm doing it. No, not at all. *Farran hits a button on the terminal, bringing up the screen he's been looking at earlier* Look at this, and you'll agree with me. *motions to the suit readouts* Keep in mind he's had no access to any treatments.

Artemis: *stares* It's operating the suit with a semi-stable sync ratio of 39%...but that's not possible! The suit isn't even designed for the Trandoshan mind, but it's operating it at over the maximum continuous 25% that an ordinary human can acheive! It has to be a glitch. An error.

Farran: I thought of that too. So I recalled the suit's memory of the sync ratios recorded the first time he took it...and the records in the suit taken by the human. Look. The current readout says low 4%, high 49%, average 39%.

*The monitors show additional readouts dated several days ago*

Farran: As you can see, the human's is normal, for an untreated subject; low 2%, high 31%, average 26%. But the trandoshan...low 3%, high 44%, average 35%.

Artemis: It's sync ratio's risen...but that's not possible either. Are you sure it's had no treatments whatsoever?

Farran: Of course. He's done no more than wear the suit. *Farran smiles* Artemis, I think in this Trandoshan we may have the answers to all our problems with the Vanguard...

Artemis: And what about the Blades?

Farran: I can deal with them. Sejiko Hishen Darkholme can deal with them.

Artemis: And...what about the note?

*Farran looks down at the the Aesir's note he'd received earlier*

Councilman Farran,

If the Seperatist continue to think about using superweapons, wraith may be invoked. If they turn away and fight with valor assistance may be recieved. We are watching you.

Farran: I can't do anything about whoever is stalking me. They're good; I couldn't find a trace of unauthorized entry to my chambers. I know they can't penetrate this laboratory, so they won't know exactly what we're doing here...that will give us time, in case whoever they are turns out to be a serious threat. Besides that, I'll simply have to wait for them to make their next move.

Artemis: Do you think "they" have anything to do with the Blades showing up at the Council?

Farran: Actually, I'm reasonably sure those two just have sensed my active energy as Sejiko, and followed it like hounds to a rabbit. That woman insisted they weren't here for me. And I think she was telling the truth.

*paces* I sensed something...somethings of terrible power when I opened my senses in preparation to fight her.

I thought we were the only ones from our dimension of any importance here...I was wrong. We two are not alone.

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