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I tried the mod and I think it can be great (for now it doesn't have enough stuff to keep using it, but i'm sure i'm gonna end up using some later version) altough i found a little problem when shootting flechette's secondary fire: it seemed to impact in me (it exploded before even seeing the grenades or whatever they are)

Apart from this little problem (I've never liked this weapon anyway :P) I've had some ideas:

Changes to saber blocking: I think it should spend dodge points (but less than a normal dodge, also dependant on defense level. like -25% lvl 1, -50% lvl 2, -75% lvl 3) and be used instead of the dodging animation when possible (when being attacked in a saber fight, for what i have tested, you dodge even if you could usually block the hit), also if you put in some kind of jedi vs merc kind of game mode, you could make it so the more force you ahve left, the lest dodging/blocking costs (maybe reducing the cost in 1/2 or 1/4 the % force you still have, or something like).

I'd change the lightsaber special moves, except the blue one: you must be already jumping to execute the move, and the move doesn't make you jump any more, you just do the superheavy slash in the direction you are currently jumping, or flip in mid air and do that weird yellow stance cut (unless of curse, it ends up making ppl fly like the blue one did).

I think the force powers would need some changes too to be more movie-like:
-You should be able to jump as high as your force allows (we've seen some really high jumps in the new movies), and something like if you pressed your jump button while falling, make it spend force to avoid damage (should spend something like the cost to jump at the same height, inspired by Mace Windu jumping to the arena).
-Being able to block force lightning with the lightsaber (no dodging) but maybe at normal dodge cost instead of the reduced blocking cost (or spending force instead).
-Some resistance to force powers (push, pull, grip...) depending on how much force you have left.
-Changing Absorption to be something like what Yoda does to Dooku's Lightning (you have to hold the button and aim to absorb things, lvl 1 should just cancel the power, lvl 2 should give you some force, and level 3 should reflect some of the effect).

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