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follow these steps

1. As this level starts Indy is facing his discarded parachute. Face the opposite direction and notice a cave to the left. Climb into it and get Treasure #1, gold coins, and some medicinal herbs.

2. Leave the cave and continue past the parachute. You'll meet up with an aggressive wolf. Indy won't point his weapon at it, so you can't kill it. If you shoot in its direction it will run off. Ignore it and it will chew on you.

3. Continue down the canyon until you come to a ravine. On the opposite wall are cut marks that Indy can use as a ladder. Hang from the edge and drop into the ravine. Climb up the cut marks and get Treasure #2, silver coins.

4. Climb back down into the ravine and head toward the wooden bridge. Pass under it and climb the first ledge. From this ledge you can run/jump/grab the edge of the bridge and pull yourself up. Head left up the road.

5. Go until you find a pine tree that marks the mouth of a narrow ravine leading left. Follow it to the end. There's another wolf in the ravine so scare him off. At the top turn right and climb the ledge. You're now looking at the Russian border post.

6. Sometimes there's a walking guard on the upper tower. If you get close enough an animation runs and leaves you standing in the open. At that point guards may shoot at you. Stop just short of the top of the hill and watch the guard - if he's there. If you wait awhile he will leave the tower. So either wait until he leaves, or shoot him with the rifle, or if he isn't there, walk toward the tower until the animation runs.

7. Pay attention to the tower during the animation. As the camera pans by look to make sure the guard is gone. If he's not you can always shoot him. After the animation ends, you can run/jump/grab the edge of the tower and pull yourself up. The guards may shoot at you while you're on the walkway, but if you stay as far as you can towards the inside of the walkway the shots always miss.

8. Walk around the tower and go down the ladder into the building. Find the hatch in the floor and go down the ladder. Be ready. A guard at the bottom will immediately attack you.

9. Notice the grated entrance to the river in this room. From here you will launch the raft - when you find it. Walk into the next room and push the button to open the door. Be ready for the guard inside.

10. Climb up on the crates near the large CCCP poster on the wall. Look up. There's a break in the duct work overhead. Climb up into it.

11. Go to the first intersection, turn left, and drop through the hole. Get Treasure #3, a case full of money. Push the button, open the door and enter the room. You're back in the room where you entered the ductwork.

12. Climb back into the ducts, go past the intersection and continue to the end. Drop down into what appears to be the guard's locker room. Inside the three lockers you can find a medical kit, a raft repair kit and the raft. Push all the buttons (3) on the walls to open all the doors.

13. Go into the room with the river entrance and use the raft. Indy must be standing right on the edge of the water for the raft to inflate.

14. Paddle down stream. Hitting rocks will puncture the raft so keep your speed as low as possible. Soon you will go down a chute. At the bottom will be two trees on the left shore and a waterfall next to that. If you look straight ahead you can see a swinging bridge, folded back, over the river. Paddle behind the waterfall and find Treasure #4, a silver idol. Paddle back out into the stream and continue. After passing the swinging bridge there's one small set of rapids left. Once past them paddle toward the left side of the river. The landing place is obvious and rocks block further passage down the river. Climb out and stow the raft.

15. Walk up the ravine until you come to a tree next to a boulder. Behind the boulder is Treasure #5, silver coins.

16. Continue up the ravine, across a bridge and under a wooden structure. Just past the structure turn left and go through a stone archway. Follow the path to a gazebo-like structure with an altar in it. Examine the altar. Notice the four arms sticking out of it at the four points of the compass.

17. Leave this area and go straight through the stone arch. Walk until you come to a house at the bottom of a small slope. There are two guards outside the house to deal with.

18. Go into the house. From the left locker you can get two raft repair kits. You can only take one at a time, but you can get two for a total of three in your possession. The other locker contains a medical kit. These patch kits are inexhaustible. If you run out you can always come back here and refresh your supply.

19. Leave the house and continue down the ravine toward a waterfall. At the waterfall there's some strange machine that's a lifting device of some sort. There's also a place to launch the raft.

20. Launch the raft and head down stream. You will come to a fork in the river. There are two marker towers located at the apex of the fork. One tower is blue, the other is brown. Paddle down the left fork. At the next split stay to the left. You will come to a building with a dock. Get out of the raft and go inside.

21. Inside you will find a beeswax candle. After you pick up the candle two spiders will attack you. Dispose of them and get back in the raft and continue.

22. You will soon come to where the river splits again. Stay to the right.

23. At the next split, ahead (or left) you will see the entrance to a huge underground cavern with machinery inside. From where you are it will appear as though the river flows into a black square. Up the channel leading to the right you can see a bridge. Paddle up the right channel and dock by the bridge.

24. Enter the cliff by where you dock and take the stairs up. At the top of the steps just before you turn right and cross the bridge there's a ledge you can climb and get Treasure #6, gold coins.

25. Cross the bridge and enter the strange room with three huge pistons. Turn right, go to the end of the room and face the piston. Jump to the small platform mounted on the piston shaft. Turn and face the direction you came from. Now jump/grab the ledge on the wall. Pull yourself up, go right and jump the gap to the next ledge.

26. Turn right and jump to the middle piston, then jump to the platform on the opposite wall. Turn left and jump the gap to the next platform. Go through the doorway and up the stairs. Stop on about the fourth step. Use the whip to climb up. Exit to the left and get Treasure #7, a silver bar. Continue up the stairs and find the candle.

27. Come back downstairs, turn right and jump to the next gap between platforms. You should now be on the far side of the river channel. Collect Treasure #8, a golden idol.

28. Go left from the golden idol past the rotating gears and jump the gap back to the piston room. Pick up the medical kit by the barrels. Turn around and hang from the edge of the ledge by the barrels and drop to the floor below.

29. Turn right and go to the handrail by the river. Notice the waterwheel turning in the current. Look just to the right and behind it. You can see a niche in the cavern wall. You need to go there to pick up a treasure.

30. Launch the raft and paddle back to the channel split and head into the cavern with the waterwheel. Once inside paddle for all you're worth to get to the docking place in the left wall behind the wheel. Get Treasure #9, a blue gem.

31. Get back in the raft and follow the current to the end of the channel. You end in a huge cavern with a lift in it. All the channels end here. The lift is the strange device you saw in step 19.

32. At the far end of the platform is a lever. Pull the lever, get in the lift and ride it to the surface. Now you must ride a different combination of river channels.

33. Get in the raft. This time when you come to the first channel split, take the right channel. Follow it to a landing by a house made from a massive tree stump. Get out of the raft and get the candle from inside the house and Treasure #10, gold coins from a smaller stump behind the house.

34. Take the raft and continue down the channel to the cavern with the lift. Take the lift back to the top.

35. Once again on the river. Go to the first channel split and take the left fork. At the second channel split take the right. You soon come to a tower with docking space.

36. The door to the tower is locked. Shoot out the window on the lower level, jump inside and pull the lever. Walk up the ramp to the opened door and get a candle.

37. Follow the channel back to the cavern with the lift and go back to the surface.

38. Make your way back to the altar in the shelter by the river. Place a candle on each projection then light them with Indy's cigarette lighter. You have to place them all then light them. If you light the candles as you place them they won't stay lit. This done, the bridge swings into place and you can cross.

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