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The hit location-based damage is planned but the current hitzone code is REALLY crappy. Until I install Herr's improved hitzone code, it's not worth doing. The current code is SO bad that you can hit a player in the back from the FRONT with the saber!

Weapon destruction is also planned but I haven't explored it yet.

However, maiming will remain a death only feature. There are too many gameplay/technical issues to make it work while being alive. The saber combat system isn't accurate enough to be able to aim for hand hits anyway. You're always out of the fight when you get maimed in the movies, anyway.

I'm going to type officially on the record here. THERE WILL BE NO CUT AND PASTE MODDING IN MOTF!

The objective isn't to be JediMod with Dodging. While JediMod is cool, it's really just a gimmack mod for JK2. The MotF has no intention of being the same way. This isn't a diss to Dest or the other JM/JP+/Forcemod modders. I really respect the things Dest, TCK, and others have done with the code.

We're aimming for new features that actually change the gameplay to be more movie-like. That means that emots, RGB sabers, sabers out of the ass, etc will be implimented when we can make them truely part of the gameplay, near the end of the project, or as we feel like it.

This doesn't mean that we aren't listening or enjoying your feedback. We just don't want people to expect us to bend over backwards to impliment stuff that screws up/has not relivence on the gameplay.

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