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Well whatever it ends doing, judging by the name i'd say it should be a passive power (you dont need to activate it).

More questions:

What about heal? when 90% of the weapons kill you in 1 shot or don't hurt you at all it starts to be a little unuseful... the only idea i have about this one is making your dodge points recover at a faster rate or something like.

And drain? won't it be too useful? (if you turn force into fatigue points or whatever)

Some ideas:

Lightning: In the movies it doesn't seem to do damage really, it seems to stun people (it hurts but it seems like it would take some time to kill somebody with it), so i'd say it should destroy the target's fatigue points, slow him down, and when he's low on fatigue points, throw him to the ground , and maybe after the target reaches 0 start to hurt, but not too much, the main use for this should be to stun (dooku seems to be able to move the target of his lightning but i think this would be too much).

Drain: darining energy from blasters, wookie crossbows... (maybe even turning off a lightsaber for small periods of time?) and turning it into fatigue points is the only thing which i can think of (i think i read somewhere somebody does it in the expanded universe).

Grip: I've never seen a jedi gripped in any movie, so i think they are kind of inmune, so i'd make the effect of grip dependant on the reamining fatigue points (i'm guessing jedi would have more than an imperial admiral...).

Rage: seeing luke in RotJ i'd make it give you speed (only for slashes, not for running) and attacking without spending fatigue points (i'm not sure if attacking is gonna cost a lot, but it looks like something similar to this when luke hits vader repeatedly).

Mind trick: i can't really think of any way to putting it here and looking like in the movies, my only idea is to make it passive and counter Force Seeing (or Sense if you preffer).

Protection: like rage but free (cheaper?) dodging? I'm really unsure about this one, the only similar thing i can think of is vader stopping han's blaster with his hand, but i think it has more to do with his arm being robotic than his powers with the force (not to mention he's a sith...).

Absorption: as i said, must hold the button to be effective, turns the "incoming" force into fatigue points for you and maybe reflects the % which exceeds your fatigue limit to the attacker (lvl 1 33% converted/rflected, lvl 2 66% lvl 3 100%, maybe?).

Healing: I don't think theres anything similar in the movies, I'd stick to the faster fatigue regen idea (and maybe at lvl 2 and/or 3 some health regen too, although it won't be noticed a lot).

Force seeing: maybe it could enable some kind of radar, which has a diferent radius and shows diferent stuff depending on level (lvl 1: mines & det packs, short radius; lvl 2: other players, med radius; lvl 3: "slow" projectiles (missiles, thermal det, repeaters alt fire...), long radius).

Saber throw: I think the saber should take some time to throw, for now this hits faster than any of the blue style slashes.
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