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Heal: Gone, HP shouldn't be recoverable in any sort of reasonable. And, it's basically useless with lethal weapon damage anyway. Probably replaced with a FP recovering "sit"/"Meditate" etc. "emot". Of course, you'll be totally open to attack while in this rest emot.

Rage: Gone, but "Call on the Dark Side" servers the same concept you suggested.

Absorb: probably replaced with some sort of general Force Skill for Force Power deflection. Not sure how this will work yet. We gotta have a setup so light-siders can deflect lightning, grip, etc.

Protection: Gone

Mind Trick: Probably just generate a noise whereever you point the crosshair.

Saber Toss: will act much more like as if you TOSSED the saber. Add a bit of a wind up, and make the saber drop to the ground on collision.

Anyway, I do agree with most of your assessment, a lot of that stuff is already planned to some degree.

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