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Hi, all

I'm new here (if you're wondering about my more than normal post count see galacticbattles forums :P ), and also to the adventure game community, although i have been playing adventure games for as long as you have, maybe. Since i was old enough to use a computer intelligently, anyway.

So, now i've entered the step where i feel motivated to make my own game. and this is where i meet a roadblock on what Engine to use

I believe in doing research before beginning anything such as this, and through my "research" i've concluded that Sludge and Ags had to be the best of the game making engines out there. But my question is which is better?

I've seen a great game for sludge (Cubert Badbones) and a great game for AGS (Norman Cooks Search for the Don) both of which are like "examples" to me - they are my way-to-go-about-its.

So please, give me your advice, from your experiences and results, which do you think is the better of the two - AGS or SLUDGE? And you might also want to know, that i'm kind of a n00b to game creating - infact, i AM a n00b. I know a little programming, about half a year of intro C++ and about a week of intense php. But one of my team members is doing his degree in computer science and is pretty experienced in C. (so would that give us an advantage somewhere?)

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