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well, she was in the trailer (we think). hey, do you think ben will be back. sorry, lame joke, i'm in a funny mood today.

i think it would be good to have the members of the polecats fully explored, it was really only that black guy that talked in the first one (and i can't remember his named, i played the bloody thing two days ago and still can't remember his name (the lucas arts entertainment pack rocks for XP play, slightly smoother text, not so pixely and sound works perfectly with no setup))

i would like to know more about the polecats, but i don't thingindividual stories for each of them as i don't think that's what the polecats are about. if you think about it, ben wasn't with the polecats in most of the story because he was forced to be seperated from them. i think now, he should spend more time with them, and they should do things as more of a gang than just individually. like Vyse said, we also need to see why the polecats are the best gang out there, what makes them so good and well known?

the cavefish should be explored more for sure, they were merley touched on in the first one as part of the story, but i for one would like to know why ther went to the caves and so one. i think there's probably so much history behind that.

i want so much in FT2 and there is only so much they can give me. oh well.

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