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Fantastic work thus far!

Blaster rifle/Bryar

I appreciate very much the work you have done to the bowcaster - it's really great now and actually feels useful now that the shot's speed have been upped considerably.
It appears you have done the same to the bryar and blaster, which is all fine and good.
However, the bryar is now just as good as the blaster: same attack speed (ROF), lethal damage (the blaster's may be slightly higher but that's irrelevant since it's very high in the first place) and same shot speed. The Bryar has become the blaster, the blaster previous advantage of increased rate of fire is now negated, making me prefer the bryar any day.

Increase the rate of fire on the blaster, make it superior to the bryar, make it more of a "basic weapon" than the bryar. It doesn't help either that it costs more to fire the blaster in ammo.

In short: The blaster rifle should be the basic weapon of most gunners IMHO - true movie/SW style.


The DEMP gun is lethal. Very lethal. It's shots cannot be blocked, making it a futile effort to close the distance to a gunner wielding this weapon as a saber wielding jedi: the dodge animation will continually disrupt any action you make, be it moving, attacking or even trying to pull the damn thing out of his hands.

This is a general problem with most guns in this mod - spamming the enemy will cause him to dodge and stop him firmly in his tracks - the dodging animation becomes more of a hindrance than a help, since you cannot move closer or attack the gunner.

No saber parrying

Another problem closely connected with this is, is that you rarely block shots with your saber now - it seems as if the jedi is content with letting the dodging do its work, and forgetting to use his saber, which doesn't drain force. I don't know what causes this, but I suspect it to be that its a vastly lowered blocking radius' fault. The answer might just be to increase the blocking radius, which means dodging will only be used for shots that are coming from the side or behind. A jedi shouldn't need to dodge blaster shots from the front - in the movies they solely use their saber for protecting the front.

Sabercombat (no dodging)

When it's saber vs saber combat, however, the dodging is rarely used - I just played an hour of FFA with bots, and not a single time did they dodge attacks in sabercombat. More dodging in sabercombat (though not as much as when currently facing a gunner), a little less blocking to mix the two.

Another gripe with sabercombat is that it's über lethal. Enemies fall like flies before a single swipe of yellow stance. I don't know what you meant with "sabercombats shouldn't last 30 seconds" -but for me, they don't even last 10 seconds.

That is all, I can see you're on the right track, and I really hope you continue improving this great mod

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