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Originally posted by Cjais
[B]Fantastic work thus far!

Blaster rifle/Bryar

Increase the rate of fire on the blaster, make it superior to the bryar, make it more of a "basic weapon" than the bryar. It doesn't help either that it costs more to fire the blaster in ammo.

In short: The blaster rifle should be the basic weapon of most gunners IMHO - true movie/SW style.
Well, there were some balance issues with the secondary fire on the blaster. With the boosted bolt speeds, secondary fire would actually hit the player faster than they could react/saber block. Death was near instantanous after you started hitting the target. We've been discussing if we should go to a semi-auto gun triggering system (manual trigger pulling but with an added accuracy penalty for movement/rapid firing) but there's nothing final yet. There's also an issue of the rifle/pistol relationship in the movies. The heroes seem to have no difference in weapon performance between using a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol.


This is a general problem with most guns in this mod - spamming the enemy will cause him to dodge and stop him firmly in his tracks - the dodging animation becomes more of a hindrance than a help, since you cannot move closer or attack the gunner.
You stop in place? That shouldn't happen. You're suppose to move at x .9 normal speed while dodging. Are you sure you have the client part of the mod running while playing the game?

Anyway, yes, dodge does screw you up but that's sort of a game feature. When you are dodging out of the way of an attack, you do drop everything you're doing.

Anyway, I do have a workaround of sorts. It's called Dodge Attack. It enables you to attack while dodging. It looks pretty cool but I'm having some crash issues. It will probably be up and working for Release 2. However, there'll have to be some sort of penalty for attacking during a dodge. probably an accuracy loss for guns and a damage loss for the sabers. This is an game changing feature so it will probably be the first officially approved togglable cvar.

No saber parrying
I haven't made any changes other than damage levels for the saber combat. We'll be working on that at some point in the future.

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