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Craig, a man with slightly long and ruffled hair, wearing regular nondescript clothes (for once, usually wears armor) enters, and, for the sake of the security, hands sword to the security droid.
Craig: I want that back when I leave, got it? *Heads in*

Craig: Ah, old friend Welmin!
Welmin: Ah, ninja boy, nice to see you!
Craig: I'll have a Juri Juice, in a clean class if you can help it. *Sits down near the other occupants*

*Looks at topshot and laughs*: You get hit with a table or somethin?

*To Euro*: Thats..pretty bad.. if you need help with that, I could find someone who can help you if you like.

*To Jeck* Who are these folks you'd like to see? other members of your family? are they just gone away or dead or..? Sorry If I'm disturbing you.
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