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Ivan following: "Such talk about me wanting to capture power all for my self, I just wanted to make sure your aware of my actions, and maybe if I were to be shed a little light on yours? Maybe a great plan on a more domanant force this Imperial Nation can be in the galaxy? If not, we should at least take measures toward strengthening the Separatist's resolve over the Loyalist and maybe the Republic?"


RH Irvine: "Well, first off, Im going to get you all off this rock, seeing is that I'm The only way your going to get off. Next I'm going to take you to a nearby system, then well' pick up suppilies. Thats all I can tell you for now..." 'Leaves me time to ask Master Skywalker where he wants me to send these guys...'

WH Irvine: "I'm not buying it."

RH Irvine: 'This is going to take some balls...' "You better. Cus you don't have a choice in the matter!"
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