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Originally posted by Redwing
((Scar, I can barely freaking understand what Ivan is saying. Also, what I do understand doesn't make sense.

"I just wanted to make sure your aware of my actions, and maybe if I were to be shed a little light on yours?"

Doesn't Farran know about Farran's actions?

I was having Ivan ask what was Farran's plan, so then he ca adjust his to help each other with:

"Maybe a great plan on a more domanant force this Imperial Nation can be in the galaxy?"

What great plan?

hello, Imperial nation, and not only that they hardly have a miliary, remember they only have around 1/3 of the total about both Imperial nations have minus the Crimson star II, thus thats why Ivan got it voted on to re activate it.

"If not, we should at least take measures toward strengthening the Separatist's resolve over the Loyalist and maybe the Republic?"

If not what? How do you strengthen an organization's resolve "over" another's? Resolve to do what?))
Again, forgetting that Cracken and all his Loyalists seceded, what now is that Saparatist's, which come to think of it now, the names shoudl be flip floped, but what ever...


Is Ida searching for what was been there RH Irvine?
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