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???: "Precious!? Wheres my Precious!?"

okay joking

anywho, um, I ment the Saparatist's resolve. and it's strengthing it by reassuring its military was increased to make sure it won't get eliminated.

besides I thought Cracken was only but a military leader for the Imperial Council. So infact Cracken Separated from the Council not the other way around, from what i see...

??? speaking to Orthos: "So, let me guess, you tried to go agenst Lokpehit, but you failed? Heh, I went agenst him too, twas my first battle outside my temple, he managed to only minorly wound me, but I'm fine, at least he didn't kill me yet..."


*The two Irvines look at each other, the White Haired one, not knowing he was looking at himself, while at the same time the Red Haired one was in awe to feel the consentration of power surging from his cloned counterpart... In the distence a shuddle can be seen approching...*


*Ravan meditates the situcation in his quarters, trying to figure out what is happening with the two Irvines...*

Ravan: 'I don't get it... Now theres two, the weaker one seems to obviously care if he sees himself, How ever the Larger power doesn't seem to notice whome the other is... Puzzling...'

Comm: "Surpreme Councilman Ravan, please report to the Council chambers, your presence is being requested...*

Ravan: "Great. Politions... They still want me even after I confessed..." *smirks*
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