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Katori: Certainly. Follow me!

*Katori leads the group in thir speeders for several klicks northeast, into a forest before stopping in front of a large boulder covered with brush*

Katori: The rock's a hologram over a force field and the plants are camo-nets. There's really a cave under there. *Katori makes a bird whistle, which is replied with a slightly different call. Katori whistles again* That was the signal for all clear.

*The boulder flickers and disappears, revealing a couple men, a Duro and a Sullustian at a monitoring station in a cave entrance*

Katori: How's those sensor dampers going, Wat?

*The Sullustian replies in heavily accented Basic* Well, Katori. That generator you stole is working fine. Who are your friends?

Katori: The tall one is Beler, the one with the hurt arm is Kensin, and the Trandoshan is Kioet. All are sympathetic to the cause of the Rebellion. *The Sullustian shakes their hands* Beler, Kioet, Kensin - welcome to the Resistance.

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