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((Scar, why exactly are you controlling Deac's character?

As for your question, Cracken controlled the Council, in fact it first united under him. The Council separated from him when he went and made a treaty with the New Republic, hence the name "Separatists".

Let me recap: The Imperial Remnant unites under Cracken circa C5. The major leaders of the Remnant become his Council, which is apparently a reforming of the Council that existed under Palpatine. After C7, Cracken (without consulting them of course) makes a peace treaty with the New Republic. The Council is outraged and cuts all ties with him.

The Separatists do have a military force. It's logical that the Imperial admirals who hate the New Republic would desert Cracken and go to the Separatist side. The only ones remaining with Cracken are those loyal to him - hence the name "Loyalists".

I should point something out: being a former military general, Ivan would naturally have proper grammar when he speaks. So why don't you try using Microsoft Word or something to make sure he *does*?

And your last question: No, Ida is not looking for Irvine. She's looking for the two magic energy signatures she and Rwos sensed earlier.))

*In the Council chambers, the newly arrived missing members of the Imperial Council are furious to learn of Ivan's actions*

Jun Tarl: I call for another Council meeting, to censor Ivan Cracern! The old general is trying to seize power!

Trenner Motave: What are you talking about? Who cares about his actions. At least he has doen something! None of you have even approved use of the military reinforcements we so desparately need!

*Third Councilman* We were counting on the Crimson Star II to defeat Cracken! And now, Cracern has sent it off to Coruscant, putting it at unnecessary risk!

Jun Tarl: What do we care if Lokiphet destroys Coruscant? Our interests there are not important enough to risk our greatest remaining weapon on a madman!

*Another Councilman* Where the Sith is our intelligence? Do we even know what it is Lokiphet Darkstar has in orbit above Coruscant?

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